Ultimate Gift Guide For Hikers And Backpackers – Ultralight

I’ve been doing a lot of posts on here about choosing various camping and hiking items, many of them designed around ultralight backpacking and efficient camping. I wanted to distill some of this down into an easy-to-navigate gift guide, in case any readers are looking for gifts for hikers or backpackers.

Best Inexpensive Gifts For Hikers

First things first, we’ll start with gifts for hikers. These gifts are convenient for anyone who loves being on the trail, whether for days hikes or overnight trips. The gifts in this set aren’t necessarily lightweight, but they will make your hiker’s life a lot better on the trail.

Darn Tough Wool Hiking Socks

When you’re a kid, you think socks are a terrible gift. As an adult, you love them. No hiker I know would be upset by a pair of Darn Tough Merino Wool socks. These moisture wicking, quick dry, odor reducing socks are a perfect gift for any kind of hiker.

Kershaw Cryo II Pocket Knife

The Kershaw Cryo is a great, simple knife and makes a wonderful gift for hikers. The sharp blade will help any hiker or backpacker out if they get into a pinch, and the warranty on the blade will keep this is family for a lifetime.

ROXANT ROX-GS Authentic Grip Scope HD Wide View Monocular

Hopefully the hiker you’re shopping for likes to hike somewhere beautiful. Whether you’re hiking the California coast or the Appalachian trail, a good monocular will help you see things more clearly. This powerful option is relatively inexpensive, but doesn’t take up as much space as a full pair of binoculars.

Rite In The Rain Weatherproof Hardcover Notebook

If your hiker likes to journal their trips to keep track of the things they see, this weatherproof Rite in the Rain notebook will hep make sure their notes stay pristine in any weather condition. Pair with a good space pen for the ideal trail writing gift.

Ultralight Gifts for Backpackers

Now, if your friend or family member is more than just a hiker, you might be looking at more ultralight technical gifts. Ultralight Backpackers like to cut weight wherever possible, so they aren’t going to be quite as interested in random tchotches that weigh them down. If you really want to show a backpacker that you care, the right gift is something that is both functional and near weightless. Here are a few unique gifts for backpackers that will help improve their ultralight experience.

Etekcity Ultralight Backpacking Stove

When shopping for a good backpacking stove, you want to find something that is lightweight but also fuel efficient. The Etekcity Ultralight stove is both of these things.. Thought it’s not the lightest stove on the market, at ~.5lb it’s one of the lightest you can find for the affordable price. Good entry level ultralight stove, or a good second option for less rigorous hikes.

ATEPA Self Inflation Ultralight Seat Cushion

Ultralight backpackers don’t often want to add weight to their pack with something like a chair, but comfort can be a nice luxury on a long backpacking trip. Consider gifting your hiker a seat cushion. It packs small and weighs less than 3 ounces. The self inflating feature means it gets itself ready so they can sit, relax, and cook dinner after a long day logging miles on the trail.

UltraLight Casual T-Shirt

I’ve talked to a lot of of ultralight backpackers who have a ton of great gear for the trail. What they really want? Something casual that touts their hobby when they aren’t hiking. This UltraLight cotton t-shirt is straightforward. They can wear it to breweries and meetups when they don’t want to dress in their hiking clothes.

Ultra Light Tee

Find The Best Gift For Backpackers?

I hope this list has helped point you in the right direction of a good gift for backpackers, hikers, and ultralight trekkers. At the end of the day, you know your hiker better than anyone. Tap into their interests and personality and get them a functional, lightweight gift that they can use for a lifetime.

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