Detroit Lions Fantasy Football Names – 2018

Detroit Lions fantasy football team names

Ready for the 2018 NFL Fantasy Football Season? If you’re prepping for this season and you need good inspiration for Detroit Lions Fantasy Football names, I’ve got you covered. I did some research and picked out a few of my favorites. If you want to craft your own Lions fantasy team name, I’ve also got some details that will help.

Top Lions Fantasy Players

In 2018, you’ll be keeping your eye on these main players for the Lions. A good Detroit Fantasy team name might include allusions or puns that have to do with these players. They’ll likely be on someone’s roster each week. If you’re a “homer,” they’ll likely be on yours. The sillier you can make a player’s name, the more successful your team will be (not true, but go with it).

Golden TateWR
Theo RiddickRB
Ameer AbdullahRB
Matthew StaffordQB
Marvin JonesWR
Matt PraterK
Eric EbronTE

Detroit Lions Team Details

In addition to player names, another helpful resource for crafting a catchy Detroit team name is details around where the team plays and how people refer to them. Here are some quick specs to help you decipher what you’re dealing with. If you want more information, you can always check out the Detroit Lions website and do more team name research yourself.

DivisionNFC North
NameDetroit Lions
CityDetroit, Michigan
StadiumFord Field

Detroit Lions Fantasy Football Names

Now that we’ve got all that figured out, take look at some of these Lions Fantasy Football names and see if you can come up with something you like. Lets me know what you wind up using. Be warned, some of these might be dirty fantasy names, or otherwise inappropriate team names.

Golden Tate Warriors
Joique to the World
Hooked on Ebronics
A Little Bush on My Johnson
Hakuna Ma-Ngata
Chronicles of Riddick
Stafford Infection
Abdullah ObloNgata
Golden Taint
Calvin’s Johnson
Speaking in Ebronics
Stafford Infection
Built StafFord Tough
Living on a Prater
Golden Taint
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