Best Hip Flask For All Occasions

Another foray into my camping gear shopping experience is an item that is often overlooked: the hip flask. Hip flasks are easy to come by, but they aren’t all made equally. Here’s a quick buying guide for the best hip flask, in a couple different categories.

TIP: These are all the “best flasks” in different categories. Check your budget and your use case and shop accordingly.

Best Titanium Hip Flasks

Okay, here are two contenders for titanium hip flasks. People often worry about rust, durability, and weight. Titanium is a great material for flasks because of how lightweight and rust-proof it is. Additionally, it won’t impart any flavor on your liquor of choice. Feel free to leave your spirits in these titanium flasks.

Best Hip Flask - Snow Peak Titanium

Snow Peak Titanium Flask (Round)

Spoiler Alert: this is the flask I bought for myself. Yes, at $130 it is definitely expensive, but it’s beautiful and durable. This flask is classy enough to pack for weddings and other black-tie events. YOu’ll look sophisticated, not trashy.

I put Snow Peak’s product guarantee to the test when it got slightly damaged. They sent me a brand new, $130 flask to replace the damaged product, free of charge.

If you’re looking for a camp flask or backpacking flask, this is and incredibly lightweight option. I can’t recommend it enough.

Vargo Titanium Funnel Flask

This is a more traditional hip flask. Like the Snow Peak, it’s also made out of high-grade titanium so it’s very lightweight and perfect for backpacking. It also has a built in funnel — one less thing to worry about losing.

With the Vargo, you get the benefits of Titanium that the Snow Peak offers, without the super steep price. This flask comes in around $75 (though, in my opinion, it doesn’t look as good).

Vargo Titanium Hip Flask for Camping and Hiking

Best Hip Flask For Durability

Stanley Hip Flask

Stanley Classic Flask (8oz)

This is really the only choice for best hip flask when it comes to durability. The Stanley brand is tried and true and known for being buy-it-for-life material. If you need a strong flask, this stainless steel Stanley will serve you well for decades. Although it’s a little heavier than the titanium options, it’s also an amazing price ($15). Check out all the different color options, too.

These are, in my opinion, the best hip flasks on the market.

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