2018 Summer Party Playlist | Beach and BBQ Music

A summer party playlist for your party this summer. Click here to follow our playlist on Spotify.

From Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift to Coldplay, Maroon 5, and Bastille. Get ready to jam real hard this summer with this awesome Summer Party Playlist.

Beach Party Playlist

If you’re planning on throwing down at the beach in the summer of 2018, make sure you take some great jams with you. Whether it’s a casual, relaxing day on the beach, or a raging beach party — grab some cold brews and a sweet bluetooth speaker. You can be dancing and nodding in the sand and sun in no time. Make sure to bring your sunscreen, because this playlist is hot.

Summer Party Playlist

Maybe your party is at the park or in your own backyard/garden. If you’re hosting the party this year, do it well with really good music. Even if people aren’t dancing wildly, a solid summer playlist can be nostalgic and entertaining in the background. Round out your party with a fresh cocktail and some sliced watermelon. Throw some hot dogs and burgers on a grill, and let the good vibes do the rest.

Fourth of July Playlist

If you’re a little tired of patriotism in 2018, you can still play good music at your Independence Day party. This summer, let the top hits and pop music that everyone loves set the mood. Break out some American Flag Cornhole Boards and fire up the grill. Do all the thins America loves with a great 4th of July Playlist as the soundtrack of the event.


Whatever your 2018 summer party looks like, let music drive it with this perfect summer party playlist. A summer party Spotify playlist is just what the doctor ordered to keep the good vibes coming and make your party perfect this summer. Rock on.

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