2018 Fantasy Football Team Names

Best Fantasy Football Names

The key to having a great Fantasy Football season is winning. But only one team gets to win the championship. If you want to win the season another way, have the best fantasy football team name in your league. A strong, funny, or insulting name will set you apart from the league and may just be intimidating enough to help you win your league (not really, that’s not how this works). Check out these Fantasy Football Team Names. We’ll update the list as we see new ones!

Check out some of the best names from previous seasons in this reddit thread on Dynasty Team Fantasy Football Names.


Funny Fantasy Football Team Names

Khalil Smack
Manti Te’o’s Girlfriend’s School of Existence
Golden Tate Warriors
Hand of the viKings
John Kuhn & Friends – Episode 14.11-14.13 from Coon & Friends
Gettin’ Ziggy With It
The Mental Erections
Formerly Known as Prince Amakamura
Forgetting Brandon Marshall
Taco-ver the league
Teenage Newton Ninja Turtles
Rocky Manning High
Tannehill’s a Marine, No?
Gronk If You Wanna See My TD’s
Full Metal Joeckel
Vamanos Pests
Golden Taint
2 Gurley’s 1 Cup
The Man With the Golden Tate
Don’t Give Me No Flacco
Racking Up Hilton Points
Hooker? I Hardly Know Her!
First Downs and Second Sons
Forté Shades of Grey
It’s Knile Or Never!
The Fightin’ Feezes
Vonn Miller Lite
Berries and Cherries
Scobee Diving
Andy Dalton: The Best Bond
You’re Falcon Right
Beats by Dre Kirkpatrick
Mike Vick in a Box
From Wentz You Came
Flaccoroni and Cheese
Antonio’s Pearly Gates
Land of the Free and Home of the Braavos
Makin It Wayne
Catch me Hauschka, how bout dah
Fister Roboto
Montee ThunderBall
Whatsup Doc-tson
Wilfork for Food
Rice to Beat You
Bradshawshank Redemption
Party Like a Gronk Star
Skinny Pete and the Badgers
A Zeke Outlook
Mance Raiders
Khal Fuller
Rich Ass Tunts
You Winston Some, You Lose Some
Ours is the Fury
Armed Schaubbery
Montee’s Schweddy Balls
Le’Veon A Prayer
Joeckel & Hyde
Adam Jones’ Counseling Services
I Drive A Lambeaughini
Devonta’s Inferno
Big Ol’ God Titties
The Sun Will Come Out Amaro
Geno’s Jawbreakers
Fitzgerald Broflovski
Orange is the New Blackmon
Turn Down for Watkins
A Manning-ster always pays his debts
Messing With Manti
Mack Attack Stacks Sacks
Wun Wun for the Win Win
Don’t Ask Donnell
Watchers on the Wall
The Monster at the End
Favre Finger Death Punch
San Francisco 4th & 9ers
50 Shades of Teal
Wheaton Thins
Hold the Oher!
CrocoKnile Dundee (from BJG1009)
Faces of Eli Manning
Goff my Chains
The Agholord of Light
Fight Through the Skrine
The Shady Bunch
Kung Suh Panda
King Robert Quinn
Crossing Massacre
Stark Raving Mad
Easy Breesy Beautiful
The Red Woman
Witten in the Stars
House TargArian
Hide & Zeke
Terrelle Pryor’s Test Prep Center
Hungry HipPoe
Martellus Something We Don’t Know
Eddard Lacy, Warden of the Pacific Northwest
My Hognson is Better Than Yours
Bronny Football
Ansah To My Prayers
Oops I Crabtreed My Pants
We’re Not Kissing Cousins
Antonio Brown’s Dance Instructor
Tinker Stinkers
Peeping Tomlinsons
Sutton Funny Is Going On Here
Haden Go Seek
Pokemon Gio
Lacy is Victorious Secret
Time to Grow Up and Be a Manziel
Straight Outta Cobbton
The Gurley Gates
The Big Gostkowski
I’m Your HuckleBerry
For Your Eyes Garconly
Acute Gronkitis
Mr. McGibblets
Don’t Be a Gurley Man
Mile High Club
Hawk Blockers
A Viking walks into a Barr

Think these are great? Check back later for Fantasy Football Team Names specific to each NFL Football Team.

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